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A Thank you

Author profile picture Melissa
Recipient profile picture Zarah Sultana
9 November
Dear Zarah Sultana,
Thank you. Yes, you read that right. Thank you Zarah Sultana for standing up for, what I and many others believe, should be the basics required to be an MP. MP's are supposed to be 'for the people' and many, when they first run are inclined and promise to do so in their speeches and campaigns to get themselves in. That's great. But slowly, as the promise of 'perks' (BRIBES) come in from big companies such as Google or Heathrow, many turn and take those gifts, perhaps through peer pressure or they just think to themselves, 'sod it, i worked hard to be here, now I should enjoy it' never mind the values they claimed to stand for at first. I don't pretend to be very up to date with all the MPs and the work they do in their own constituencies. I'm a young mum and student, with an exceptionally hard working husband, locked in a system that is built against us because we aren't rich, nor are we single parents. We are the people who fall through the council cracks as ineligible for any real or useful help in our housing, our health or our childcare. Because there are bigger demands than they can meet and so they prioritize the single parents and the PHYSICALLY handicapped. Those with any kind of mental disability are shrugged off and inconsequential- because our brains are hurt and not our visible limbs. I am not by any means attacking those in the two groups I mentioned above, simply venting a frustration that I, like many others, feel. Because we are lucky enough and able to stay in relationships, we are made to struggle and slip through those cracks to be stepped on by others. We are the working class who will have to claw our own way up against the system that is supposed to support survival. As we slip through the cracks, those up in front seats to parliament, who have enjoyed their perks have forgotten about us. They claim to help, but ultimately that help, if it shows up at all, won't be filtered down below the upper middle class. Because that's as low as the government can see. Most of them anyway. People like to talk as though we are a great country, a wonderful place to live and work. Sometimes I'm quite proud to be English. To have this as my home, my world. Sometimes. Our MP's who were elected based on their promises to help us, to not let us slip through the cracks, have failed us. They are so focused on their own views and higher end politics that they forget the legislation they pass does not actually help the majority of us. The people in positions of power are more interested in lining their pockets - and those of their friends. They are the people who do not know the names of the lower staff in the building. If by some chance they do, I can still guarantee they do not know the names of people who serve their meals to them when they dine in restaurants or hotels. Why should they? The people serving them are making their lives easier as is their jobs, why should the highly paid MP's be bothered to learn their servers names or go beyond a cursory thank you to them that we all know is an empty politeness? Do they not realize that a genuine thank you, or even a good tip can make the world of difference to the people serving them? Have they lost sight of the fact that they, the MP's themselves, are in fact supposed to be the servants of us? Thank you Zarah. For shoving in those MP's faces, the things they don't want to admit or perhaps have forgotten. The uncomfortable truth they cower from behind their money walls. The people elected and chose you based on your promises to help and see them. To help the 99%. Not the 1% who are already richer than they know what to do with. I had a lesson once, back when I was in school and a statistic in there stated, 20% of the world has 80% of the worlds money. How completely disgusting is that thought? There will always be the boundary lines there, they've been there for centuries. But in England, between the cost of living rising exponentially and the rate of help and social care not being given enough to actually keep up, I would go as far as to suggest that perhaps 1% of England has 99% of the countries money. Our England. Our home. And that 1% are ripping the rest of us apart. Until one day, the servers whose names they can't be bothered to ask or learn, will have to be themselves. There won't be anyone else left. Because right now, in this present moment, they have forgotten their commitment and their duty to stand up for that 99%. Thank you for trying to remind them. For continuing to prod at subjects the rich find 'uncomfortable'. Because they have comfortable lives living on hidden, uncomfortable truths. If they sat up and all collectively did something about it, perhaps we could stop feeling so disgusted about having such an uneven and elitist government. I could be proud to be raising my daughter in a country that is fair and the help that they claim we are entitled to, might actually come our way. I can't wait to hear Boris's next speech. I'm particularly interested in how fat the bonus lining all their pockets for Christmas will be this year -especially with all the tax raises that we are now expected to meet. I wonder if most MP's even qualify to pay much tax anymore or if they get away and leave the issues of money with the people they promised to help. Before they took their bribes and left the real people in the dust. Rishi has done his best. Boris has done his best. Michael Gove has been, well Michael Gove (I'm still trying to work out what on earth he does that makes him relevant, let me know if you find out?). But it's easy for them to say and proclaim they have done their best when they go home to their comfortable houses with their money walls to hide behind. The cost of living rising doesn't even make them bat an eye. For some, it could mean the end of their homes. The end of a chance to get out of poverty. It could be the end of any number of things for those of us in the real world. It's terrifying. But it won't cost any of members of that cabinet any real headache. They will not let legislation through to help those of us lower than the upper middle class. They have forgotten the inclusive values they pretend to stand for. It makes me sad to be English. Thank you Zarah Sultana. Keeping shoving those uncomfortable truths in their faces. Keep being an MP for the 99%. Sincerely yours, Melissa


Author profile picture Melissa

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