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Disappointments with, a test of the interface and narrative review.

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21 July
Dear ,
I am writing to inform you about my experiences with I am not really into this app. I am testing it because their twitter account reached out to me and named dropped someone I am fans with. I don't quite understand what it is meant to do and I think the website doesn't do a good job presenting the concept or letter-writing paradigm well. So far, buttons don't do what I expect and sometimes they aren't labeled. so I find it hard to use the app. I am also struggling to see some of the interface icons because there is not enough contrast in the elements. I recommend they run the app thru an accessibility checker and maybe spend some time reading thru web accessibility features that I've collected here I feel limited in writing stuff here because it is limited to pure text and I feel this is a poor attempt at emulating what real letters were meant to be. I am reminded of my time exploring print history and the nature of manuscripts and folios and how much nuance we lost as we went from paper to text. I would not use this platform.

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