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The State of Maternal Care for Women of Colour in the United Kingdom

Author profile picture Michaela
Recipient profile picture Sajid Javid
1 November
Dear Sajid Javid,
I am writing to discuss an important issue I believe is continually ignored by the government. That is the high maternal mortality rate amongst women of colour in Britain. I acknowledge that it has been, the pandemic has delayed multiple plans for the NHS, including maternity reform and recognise the hard work done by the NHS. But this is still no excuse. The pandemic should exemplify why a change in culture and training is needed. Black and Asian people were more at risk of dying or getting vaccinated due to a lack of trust in the government. Moreover, the pandemic pregnancy and childbirth complications for BAME is even more prominent. Statistics collected by Oxford showed that 55% of the pregnant women admitted to hospital with COVID-19 were from the Black and Asian communities. Change is greatly needed to remedy this mistrust in the NHS. Racial bias in healthcare, particularly in maternity care needs to be better discussed by the government. There are many unfortunate stereotypes about Black and Asian women, that they are resistant to pain or do not need as much care. Asian women are twice as likely to die in childbirth and Black women are four times than their white counterparts. How can you, as Health Secretary, justify this? As a member of the Asian community, how can you justify this to your sisters, daughters? That they may suffer or die because a midwife disbelieves their pain. So many mothers have died unnecessarily in the throes of childbirth, becoming martyrs for a movement that should never have been needed but is here, nonetheless. Inquiry after inquiry comes to the same conclusion with no change. This is unacceptable. Work with universities to reform the training midwives and doctors receive, ensure it is culturally competent and reform the vetting processes to eliminate racist and sexist doctors and midwives who will endanger women at one of their most vulnerable moments. I know of many stories of women in my family that have unnecessarily suffered in childbirth. I do not know if I will be lucky enough to have children of my own. If I do, I want to know that I, or my children, will not suffer needlessly or die because of the colour of my skin. Your government has proclaimed it would like to build back better? Please include this in the plan. Sincerely, Michaela Makusha


Author profile picture Michaela

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