70 letters written to politicians.

Who will respond?*

Collate's letter-writing competition is closed for submissions. We're exhibiting the best letters and announcing the winners at our launch party in London on 9 December.

Collate is a platform for great conversations — written fairly, read tolerantly, ranked meritocratically and challenged appropriately. Without the bullshit.

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Lord Charles Moore

Ex editor-in-chief of The Spectator and The Telegraph. 

Getting your letters a response

Posting the old fashioned way

Every letter submitted to the recipient, their office and any political colleagues that may be interested.

Get involved

If the first letter a politician writes on Collate is in response to your letter, you will win £100 bounty

Share a link to your letter, or another one you support, across your social channels. If you've written to your local MP, email them and post your letter with your home address attached.

We're emailing

The recipients, their staff and their political opponents with a link to the letter. 

Hand deliver

To No. 10 and parliament to give the letters written to UK politicians to their recipients and others interested.

Bringing great minds together

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Olivia Utley

Assistant comment editor at The Telegraph.

Philip Collins

Ex chief speech writer for Tony Blair. Columnist for the New Statesman.

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Collate is building an application for the public to have long-form written conversations with cultural, intellectual and political leaders in an environment that is fun, respectful and interesting. We believe that large social networks have incentives built in that generate poor environments for conversation. With a product designed specifically for thoughtful dialogue, we can create an online oasis of learning and meaningful interactions that others can read and enjoy.

We're delighted to partner with the iconic 136 year-old paper maker to exhibit the top three letters of the competition, plus many more, at an exclusive London event on 9 December. All contributors exhibited will be invited.

G.F. Smith and Collate share a belief that beautifully designed mediums embolden the message within them. G.F. Smith's medium, paper, is one of humanity's oldest materials. Collate brings together one of the oldest applications of it, the letter, and our most powerful medium, the internet, to elevate how we communicate.

This exhibit will see our two worlds come together.

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Publishing letters on Collate

We're releasing our letter reading functionality soon. It will include allowing the verified recipient of letters to respond. 

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